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Essential Supplies You Need in Your Haberdashery Kit

If you sew regularly or plan on making clothes, altering curtains, or trying some tailoring, there are some essential supplies you’ll need in your toolkit. In this guide, we’ll cover the crucial haberdashery supplies you need – all of which you can find at our haberdashers in Hawkhurst at great prices.

Sewing needles and pins

Your haberdashery kit isn’t complete without quality needles and pins. You’ll want an assortment of both in different sizes to make your projects run smoothly. Whether you sew by hand or mainly use a sewing machine, you’ll always need a needle and thread for any project.


There are hundreds of options when it comes to thread. Not only do you have to think about colour, but you should also consider the material you’re working with. Delicate silks and satins need specialised thread, while thicker materials will need a tougher thread.

Stock up on a range of colours and thicknesses to have a great supply ready for any project.


Interfacing adds stiffness to fabric and is popular in dressmaking and costume design. If you need added strength around buttonholes or want to add some rigidness to a shirt collar, you’ll need interfacing.

You can get both fusible and non-fusible, and it’s best to have both to make sure it will work with most fabrics.


Kitchen scissors aren’t good enough when it comes to cutting fabric. Not only are they unhygienic after living in your kitchen, but they won’t give clean cuts through materials.

Fabric scissors are a must-have for your haberdashery toolkit. You should also think about pinking shears, a thread snipper, and a scissor sharpener to get a professional finish.

Tape measure and gauge

You’ll always see a tape measure draped around the next of a seamstress – they always come in handy. Whatever your sewing project may be, have a tape measure and gauge to hand to make sure you get the perfect sizing and measurements.

Hooks & fastenings

Hooks, bars, clips, and snap fasteners are just some of the options you should add to your haberdashery supply. You’ll be glad you have options during a range of sewing projects to get those final touches finished without delay.

Fabric markers

Whether you’re marking the cut lines or making a note of measurements, a selection of fabric markers is useful for all types of sewing projects. You might prefer chalk, pencils, or erasable markers – all are good options and you’ll need to decide what works best for you.

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