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A Beginners Guide to Knitting Supplies

Have you recently taken up knitting? It’s a wonderful new hobby, but it can feel overwhelming with the amount of choice of supplies and tools. In this guide, we’ll show you the basic knitting supplies you need to get started and why each of the tools is important for beginners. If you need knitting supplies in Hawkhurst, visit our store for a wide range at great prices.

What do you need to get started knitting?

  • Yarn
  • Knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • A yarn needle
  • A crochet hook


There is a huge range of yarns to choose from, all different colours, styles, and thicknesses. If you’re new to knitting, you probably want more affordable yarns to get started with.

Very cheap yarns can be a little scratchy and more uncomfortable to wear, but if you’re looking for something affordable, we can give you some great recommendations in our store in Hawkhurst. We have a huge selection of yarns in every colour, so you’ll have plenty of choices.


From aluminium to rosewood and bamboo, knitting needles come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t recommend getting cheap, plastic needles, even as a beginner. Flimsy needles will make the learning process much harder.

But an affordable, quality pair of needles is all you need to get started.


Crafting scissors are always best when it comes to knitting projects. Although you can use standard kitchen scissors, these are usually a little dull and hard to cut through yarn with. Luckily, craft scissors are affordable so you won’t break the bank buying a dedicated pair for your projects.

Sewing Needles

When you get to the end of your knitting project, a yarn needle is handy for weaving in the ends. You’ll also need them if you want to few different knitted patches together, for example, putting the arms on a jumper.

You can get both plastic and metal yarn needles. You might be more comfortable with plastic if you plan to knit with little ones, but either is fine. Just make sure they have extra-large eyes for passing yarn through.

Crochet Hooks

If you like the idea of a crocheted edge on your knitted creation, you’ll need a crochet hook to finish it off. Although this isn’t necessary for knitting, it always comes in handy to have and they are very cheap to buy.

Get all your knitting supplies in Hawkhurst

At The Craft Centre, we have a range of quality knitting supplies for both beginners and seasoned pros. If you’re new to the hobby, we can give you our advice on the best supplies and have the best prices for all our products. Visit us in store today!


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